A Quiet Place: Part II Review

A Quiet Place: Part II Review

While A Quiet Place Part II can’t quite top its predecessor, and never quite nails the multi-narrative cross-cutting it employs, it’s still a highly exciting and well-acted follow-up.

A Quiet Place Part II Review

Here it is at last! The long awaited sequel to Don’t breathe-
I mean Hush-
I mean The Silence-
I mean Silent House-
I mean Dead Silence-
I mean A Quiet Place!

So here’s a review of A Quiet Place Part II, hope you enjoy

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A Quiet Place Part II | Review

Matthew Razak reviews A Quiet Place Part II. Narrated by Darren Mooney.

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A Quiet Place Part II – Review!

A year after its planned release, A Quiet Place Part II is hitting theaters. Can it recapture the magic of the original? I break it down in my review!

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A Quiet Place Review – YMS

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