Railroad Ending – Fallout 4 Guide


Railroad Ending – Fallout 4 Guide

If you pledge your final loyalty to the Railroad Faction in Fallout 4, then you will no longer be able to complete quests or contact allies of other factions.

Fallout 4 Walkthrough [Part 4] – Railroad Questline!

Fallout 4 Railroad Walkthrough (Deliverer Location)
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Fallout 4 Walkthrough Part 155 – The Railroad Ending Starts Here: Underground Undercover

Fallout 4 walkthrough by an experienced player! To kick off the Railroad faction ending, let’s take on the Underground Undercover quest…

Fallout 4 is the brand new smash hit RPG video game by Bethesda. It was released worldwide on November 10, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One and sold 12 million copies in the first 24 hours.

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Fallout 4: 3 Way Peace Ending, BOS, Railroad & Minutemen Alive (Method In Description)

It’s preferable to use the Minutemen to gain access to the Institute during The Molecular Level quest (so you can give Sturges the network scanner holotape that he uses to find a way for you to break into the institute later)

complete Institutionalized

complete Inside Job by giving Sturges the network scanner holotape
You can then go to the Brotherhood Of Steel and complete all of their quests up until Blind Betrayal, you can play through most of Blind Betrayal itself but don’t turn it in, Knight Captain Kells also offers 2 unique side quests you can do after Liberty Reprimed that give unique T60 power armour pieces

You can now go to the Railroad and do their side quests, these include Boston After Dark, Butcher’s Bill 1 & 2, Memory Interrupted, Operation Ticonderoga, Mercer Safehouse, Concierge (given by caretaker who appears at whichever settlement was made Mercer Safehouse), the 3 jackpot quests given by P.A.M, the 6 Randolph Safehouse Quests given by Drummer Boy and the 10 or 11 Weathervane quests given by Tinker Tom, you can also play through part of their main quest Underground Undercover but there isn’t much point because you will have to fail this later

Now go back to the Institute and do their quests, Synth Retention, The Battle Of Bunker Hill (you’re welcome to let the Brotherhood and Railroad know about it, if you do then during the quest a massive fight will break out between a lot of unnamed members of these factions and as long as you don’t shoot any of them they’ll all be friendly towards you allowing you to grab some nice loot off their corpses after they kill eachother and if you’re planning to let the synths go at the end be sure to tell Father you were ambushed or he’ll banish you from the Institute), Mankind Redefined (after this quest X6-88 will become a companion and can usually be found in the synth retention bureau, use this time to max out his affinity if you want to get his perk as you’ll have to kill him later) you can also do 2 side quests for the institute called Building a Better Crop and A House Divided and a few repeatable quests scattered around

Now you’ll have Mass Fusion, talk to Allie, you’ll get an optional quest objective to let the brotherhood know, do this, talk to proctor ingram and she’ll tell you to meet her on a vertibird and spoils of war will start but before getting on the vertibird, go to Elder Maxson and turn in Blind Betrayal, this’ll start Tactical Thinking but don’t talk to Kells or the Railroad will turn hostile, now get on the vertibird with Ingram, this will make the Institute your enemy and fail Mass Fusion and the Railroad quest Underground Undercover and begin the Railroad quest Burning Cover and the institute quest Banished From The Institute, continue through Spoils of war till you have the Agitator and have left the Mass Fusion building, go to the Institute and finish Banished From The Institute then finish Spoil Of War and Ad Victorium should start

Now what you do next depends on if you want to be a Sentinel in the Brotherhood of Steel or not

If not then ignore Ad Victorium and go do Burning Cover, this’ll lead to Defend The Castle or Form Ranks if you don’t have enough settlements to start Defend The Castle yet, complete Defend the Castle and the Nuclear Option Will start and Tactical Thinking and Ad Victorium will fail, now simply complete The Nuclear Option (be sure to hit the evacuation option on Father’s terminal to keep the Railroad friendly and kill Father yourself during the quest if you want his outfit) and you’re done, the Institute is gone and the Minutemen, BOS and Railroad are all still alive and offer some new repeatable quests

If you do want to be a Sentinel in the BOS then ignore Burning cover (or complete it for a bit of xp and start Defend The Castle but don’t play through it), play through Ad Victorium, The Nuclear Option will start and Defend The Castle if you had it will complete and give you a bit more xp, finish the Nuclear Option (again be sure to evacuate to keep the Railroad happy and kill Father yourself if you want his outfit) and you’re done, you can then meet Elder Maxson at the Prydwen and he’ll make you a Sentinel of the Brotherhood of Steel which will give you a new paintjob for your power armour and proctor Teagan will offer a unique plasma weapon and power armour leg but because Tactical Thinking is still active P.A.M in the Railroad will not offer you quests and Desdemona will not talk to you because she isn’t supposed to be alive in the BOS ending and if you talk to Kells on the Prydwen he’ll try to continue with Tactical Thinking which will make the Railroad hostile

If anyone does find a way to fail Tactical Thinking without making the BOS hostile please let me know


Fallout 4 Best “Good Ending” Possible: Peace between Railroad, Brotherhood and Minutemen

The Internet’s first how-to guide to Fallout 4’s elusive “good ending”!

(WONDERING WHAT ARMOR SHE’S WEARING? See this video ► https://youtu.be/fH6HmRrKkyM)

Save file for this ending ► https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3511

A “good ending” is in the eye of the beholder, of course. This ending brings peace to Fallout 4 and its factions. Previously, it might have been called a “good karma” ending; but since karma doesn’t exist in Fallout 4, this ending is best described as putting the Commonwealth into a state of strong stability for all of the major players (except the Institute; those slaving, murdering bastards get nuked). All of the other major factions stay alive and happy with you. You are a high-ranking knight in the Brotherhood, a major asset of the Railroad, and (of course) the leader of the Minutemen. Side quests for all three factions are open to you along with various post-event quests.

If your idea of a “good ending” is everyone dead and a giant pile of pillows from all corners of the Commonwealth placed in one room guarded by nukemines and missile turrets, then…yeah, this won’t suit your tastes. But if you want all companions from the Minutemen, Railroad and Brotherhood to be happy and alive, with nobody from those factions murdering each other in the streets, then this is the ending for you!

The process:

Step 1: Before completing “Reunions,” complete all main and both side quests (once each) for the Brotherhood of Steel recon team. Talk Brandis down from being crazy.

Step 2: Complete “Reunions” and “Dangerous Minds.”

Step 3:

(a) You will have received “Tradecraft” and “Shadow of Steel.” DO NOT advance in either of these quests.
(b) Focus on the Minutemen as you continue down the main quest line. Use the Minutemen to gain access to the Institute.
(c) Get yourself banished from the Institute. You can play along and poke around for a bit first if you like, but if you do, you’ll have to murder someone to get banished (might we suggest those bastards down in synth retention?). You may safely complete “Institutionalized,” but do not progress any farther before getting yourself kicked out. Don’t even speak to Father again after completing “Institutionalized.” DO NOT complete “Synth Retention.” (Give the holotape to Sturges.)

Step 4:

(a) You will have received “Form Ranks” for the Minutemen. DO NOT advance this quest.
(b) DO NOT start “Defend the Castle.” Don’t even go to the Castle.
(c) Complete all quests for the Brotherhood from “Shadow of Steel” to “Show No Mercy.” DO NOT complete “Show No Mercy.” Don’t even get on the Vertibird. Grab ALL side quests from the Brotherhood and keep them open.
Step 5: Complete “Form Ranks” and “Defend the Castle.” Start “The Nuclear Option” for the Minutemen but DO NOT complete it.

Step 6: Complete all Railroad quests from “Tradecraft” to “Randolph Safehouse 6.”

Step 7: Complete “The Nuclear Option.”

That’s it! This process will result in all factions loving you. The heads of the Brotherhood will praise your actions (except Max, who is pouting and won’t talk to you). From here on out, they will not start fights and will only kill mutants and raiders. Many of their quests and side quests are repeatable. The Railroad has a whole new line of quests for you, and there is fun to be had everywhere (however, don’t talk to P.A.M. after this; she wants to start a war with the Brotherhood). Enjoy your (relatively) peace-filled Commonwealth and Fallout 4 peace!

(BTW, if one of your companions is being attacked by another faction, this is most likely because they got hit with some crossfire while in a multi-faction battle and then shot back. This happens often…and is annoying as hell. Danse will shoot down his own Vertibird then leave you because he is mad that you shot down his friends. Yeah.)

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