The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age


The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Everything you need to know about The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age.

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So I played LORD OF THE RINGS: THE THIRD AGE For The First Time…

The era of Lord Of The Rings games features a multitude of excellent titles. However, I missed out on The Third Age which is basically Final Fantasy X for people who were afraid of becoming weebs in the early 2000s.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Review

Retrospective Review for The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Underrated gem from 2004.
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Lord of the Rings Video Game Retrospective | An Exhaustive History and Review

A complete history of the entire Lord of the Rings Video Game franchise – covering every single game ever made – from the Atari and Super Nintendo all the way through to the Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

35 games in just over 5 hours – each given the attention they deserve!

It’s a history documentary. It’s a franchise retrospective. It’s a multi-part video game review – but above all, it’s a love letter to the strange world of Middle Earth licensed video games.

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0:00 – The Road Goes Ever on and On
5:01 – Lord of the Rings on MS-DOS and Atari
9:53 – J R R Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring Vol 1
19:09 – The Fellowship of the Ring
32:29 – The Fellowship of the Ring GBA
38:35 – The Two Towers
50:02 – The Return of the King
1:07:12 – Two Towers & Return of the King GBA
1:14:34 – The Hobbit
1:28:35 – The Hobbit GBA
1:34:06 – The Third Age
1:51:56 – The Third Age GBA
1:57:46 – Lord of the Rings Tactics
2:03:42 – Battle for Middle Earth II (plus all LOTR Strategy games)
2:23:44 – Lord of the Rings Conquest
2:37:46 – Lord of the Rings Conquest DS
2:45:01 – Aragorn’s Quest PS3/Wii
2:55:18 – Aragorn’s Quest PSP/DS/PS2
3:00:05 – War in the North
3:17:56 – Guardians of Middle Earth
3:27:40 – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
3:49:53 – Shadow of Mordor: Lord of the Hunt DLC
3:52:44 – Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC
3:57:17 – Lego The Lord of the Rings
4:07:01 – Lego The Hobbit
4:15:47 – Middle Earth: Shadow of War
4:37:04 – Shadow of War: Blade of Galadriel DLC
4:42:40 – Shadow of War: Desolation of Mordor DLC
4:50:00 – Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game
5:00:08 – Now Far Ahead the Road Has Gone


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