Violet Harmon – American Horror Story Guide


Violet Harmon – American Horror Story Guide

Violet Harmon, played by actress Taissa Farmiga, is the daughter of Ben and Vivien. She is a teenager who resents her parents, thinking her father is a liar

American Horror Story | Apocalypse – Return Tate and Violet

Scenes That American Horror Story Actors Regret Filming

Watch the video to see the scenes that American Horror Story actors regret filming!

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Too good at chanting | 0:00
Dandy’s massacre | 1:57
Evan Peters felt uneasy | 3:27

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AHS 8 – Violet You’re the only thing i need

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The Complete American Horror Story Timeline | Season 1 to Season 8

Ever wonder how all the events of American Horror Story fit into one timeline? Ryan and Greg travel through all seasons of AHS in chronological order: from the early Roanoke days, all the way to the Apocalypse and beyond. We didn’t eat Stu.

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