Violet Harmon – American Horror Story Guide


Violet Harmon – American Horror Story Guide

Violet Harmon, played by actress Taissa Farmiga, is the daughter of Ben and Vivien. She is a teenager who resents her parents, thinking her father is a liar

American Horror Story | Apocalypse – Return Tate and Violet

Scenes That American Horror Story Actors Regret Filming

Watch the video to see the scenes that American Horror Story actors regret filming! Calling all FNaF fans! The movie adaptation is on its way. Catch a glimpse of the animatronic terror in the official trailer at

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Too good at chanting | 0:00
Dandy’s massacre | 1:57
Evan Peters felt uneasy | 3:27

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AHS 8 – Violet You’re the only thing i need

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The Complete American Horror Story Timeline | Season 1 to Season 8

Ever wonder how all the events of American Horror Story fit into one timeline? Ryan and Greg travel through all seasons of AHS in chronological order: from the early Roanoke days, all the way to the Apocalypse and beyond. We didn’t eat Stu.

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