Walkthrough – Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide


Walkthrough – Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide

This Walkthrough will cover all you need to know to complete the main game. Story missions will be the primary focus; affinity, normal, or basic missions will

Overdrive tutorial (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

This is a basic Overdrive tutorial for beginners. Have any questions? Feel free to ask!

Xenoblade Chronicles X | You Should Be Playing

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How to play Xenoblade Chronicles X

This is mostly a meme video poking fun at people who think X is super complicated and/or think the battle system being more complex makes it better than a game like 1 or 2. I actually like X a lot I promise. The combat is definitely fun when you get overdrive but I still personally prefer 2. I’ve been replaying X while I’ve been sick and going through school semester. Never got the chance to actually make cool X videos since didn’t have a capture card at the time of release so guess this is my first actual video for the game. I wouldn’t actually mind making more in the future if people want to see some more serious type videos.

Poppi guide soon. (I keep saying that but it probably will release before xc2 1 year anniversary since I have a video planned for that day too. Semester nearly over so may be able to go back to more active video making soon if I’m not too busy playing smash.

If you’re wondering how I actually did so much damage in one art, there’s only 3 main factors.

1. Overdrive, which I explained (poorly) in the video
2. Core Crusher, a skill that acts as an independent multiplier that increases damage of ether attacks tremendously when targeting appendages. It was my only skill equipped since I was striker class.
3. appendage crusher augments. i had 5 of these equipped. Basically reduces defense value of appendages and can increase damage a significant amount when stacked if you’re targeting appendages.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide – 10 Tips for Beginners

Hey guys! I decided to start a series of Xenoblade Chronicles X guides.

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This time, I’m covering some tips for beginners of Xenoblade Chronicles X! This is not some definitive list- if you have something that helped you, post it in the comments! I love my community, I feel we can be helpful and share some great info!

If the video is helpful and/or you like it, please consider subscribing and sharing!

Sorry for sounding nasally in parts, the weather and sinuses have not been kind. ;-;

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