Wow Classic WotLK Pre Patch – World of Warcraft Classic Leveling Guide Guide


Wow Classic WotLK Pre Patch – World of Warcraft Classic Leveling Guide Guide

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is on the horizon, and with that comes the Pre-Patch, slowly introducing new systems and content before the full expansion goes

FRESH Leveling Experience in Pre-Patch

Pre patch wrath WOTLK releases august 30 and I’ll be preparing for server first Druid on one of the fresh PVE Realms.

Fastest Leveling Guide For Classic & TBC & Wotlk:

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Low Level Gold Farming in the WOTLK Classic Pre Patch

Level fast in wotlk classic with this leveling addon or make a lot of gold with my gold guide

Raw gold farms you can do in wow wotlk classic to make gold for your mount, spells, dual spec and other things. If you wish to level fast in Classic then make sure to check these guides

WOTLK Class Tricks:
30 BIG WOTLK Changes:
Pre-Patch Class Changes:
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0:00 WOTLK Gold
0:25 Level 20
0:42 Level 21
1:10 Level 27
1:38 level 32
1:55 Level 32
2:19 Level 32
2:44 Level 33
3:00 Level 34
3:18 Level Fast in WOTLK Classic
3:48 Level 35
4:05 Level 35
4:44 Level 39
5:18 Level 42
5:37 Level 45
5:55 Level 46
6:17 Level 48
6:27 Level 50
6:41 Level 53
6:58 Level 55
7:12 Level 55
7:50 WOTLK Guides

��WOTLK Leveling Guides:

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WOTLK Classic: Hunter Leveling Guide (Talents, Tips & Tricks, Rotation, Gear)

WOTLK classic hunter leveling guide. The best talents, rotation tips and tricks and weapon progression. Should you play Beast Mastery, Marksman or Survival? Everything will be answered in this video.

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0:00 What Spec?
1:56 Best Pet
2:26 Best Talents & Pet Talents
5:54 Tips & Tricks
8:06 Playstyle

Top 10 Leveling Tips For WOTLK FRESH Servers!

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in this video I will go over my Top 10 Leveling Tips for WOTLK Fresh Servers! If you are playing on the Fresh WOTLK Servers, you will have to start at level 1 and level all the way up to level 70 in the wotlk prepatch, and this video I will talk about wotlk leveling in the wotlk prepatch specific to these fresh wrath servers and the best tips for leveling up!
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